What we do for our clients

Provide fresh insights

Our main goal is not just to be your trusted advisor, but to provide fresh insights, valuable ideas, and ways to implement them that contribute to your organization’s results.

Collaborate with your team

Our services can only enable transformation if every member of your organization becomes an agent for change, therefore effective collaboration with our clients’ executives and staff is of paramount importance.

Use experienced consultants

Our engagement teams consist of seasoned consultants with a successful track record of helping clients navigate significant challenges and not only provide ideas, but are also adept at implementing them.

Multidisciplinary approach

Our consultants’ skill in using concepts, design patterns and approaches from multiple disciplines serves as a means of gaining a deep intuitive understanding of our client’s challenges.

Focus on the details

In identifying the most effective service approaches, we seek to focus on all the key details that can make the difference between an effective project approach and one that enables transformation.

Innovate disruptively

We have a track record of helping organizations identify ways to disrupt existing markets and value chains, re-define industry leadership and realign market players through technology.


Raising Paradigm-Bending Questions

The internet simplified how humans communicate, blockchain can simplify how we agree.  Too often, people make decisions based on what they already know, instead of what is available.  One year has not yet gone by since the beginning of the Puerto Rico bankruptcy process and already the expenditure on legal services (paid by you and me) amounts to over $125 million. From

Supporting House Resolution on Blockchain

Representative Eddie Charbonier, from the Puerto Rico House of Representatives, presented House Resolution 829 (RC829) to hold open discussions with State Legislators regarding where blockchain technology can serve the mission of state government, from redesigning services to work better and cost less to providing for new economic development opportunities. The Government Blockchain Association is seeking out experts in diverse fields that are willing to

Puerto Rico in the Global Blockchain Discussion

 Piloto 151 coworking space announced the creation of the Puerto Rico Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Chapter, a private membership organization which seeks to assist government and public sector people & organizations understand, implement and benefit from blockchain related technologies and capabilities. z The GBA Chapter in Puerto Rico will concentrate its efforts on three fundamental axes: outreach and community collaboration through monthly


Achieving success in a challenging project or initiative may seem daunting, but we know how to do it!

Case studies


Success can only be defined in the measure we achieve results for our clients across the industries and geographies we serve. In our experience, the key is ensuring that success is clearly defined at the onset of the project so that our consultants and our clients can continuously contribute to agreed goals and objectives.

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